Since 1950, The Jaycee Creed has united Junior Chamber members from around the world.  Those 65 words, penned by Ohio Jaycee C. William Brownfield, continue to convey the standards for which our organizations aspire.  For some, The Creed serves as a basis for bonding with fellow members, for some it was something that brought a bit of anxiety when they had to first lead it at a local meeting, and for some it was transformational and has guided them throughout their life.  It is that spirit of transformation that I hope to spotlight this year.  That spirit displayed by those, like Bill Brownfield before us, who are Living The Creed!

John Robinson, Ed. D. #55768

46th President, United States JCI Senate

Living The Creed 

Living The Creed Spotlight

James Vernon # 21177

from Illinois

showing That earth’s great treasure lies in human personalitywhile teaching junior high school students how to play chess in the Morton Public Library held off  a 19-year old man with two knives who began to attack the students and four mothers, whom he intended to kill, until police could arrive to take over the situation.  For his efforts of saving the 21 innocent people, Jim was recognized as a hero by the local mayor, the governor of Illinois and was one of 8 individuals who was awarded the Carnegie Medal, which is given to someone from the US and Canada who risks their life while saving or attempting to save the lives of others.


 Please take a moment to submit a fellow senator who deserves to be acknowledged for Living The Creed. You can do this by sending their name, senate number, state, the line of The Jaycee Creed they are living and how to Terry Kolaz, Presidential Assistant, at


The United States JCI Senate is an independent organization, with its own constitution and bylaws, associated with the United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International. The US JCI Senate consists of over 8000 members throughout 50 states and the District of Columbia. The purposes of the Senate include:

  • Assisting and mentoring Jaycees.
  • Supporting the US JCI Senate Foundation in bestowing college scholarships to graduating seniors.
  • Promoting fellowship among its members.

A Senatorship is the highest international honor that can be given to a Jaycee. Only 1 out of 1,000 Jaycees becomes a Senator.

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