Senator of the Year 

(Jim Calder Memorial Award)

   This award was instituted at the annual meeting held in St. Charles, 2006 to recognize the outstanding Senator who is not an appointed or elected officer. Anyone can nominate an individual for this award as long as they meet the established criteria. This award is sponsored by the Massachusetts JCI Senate. (Note: Jim Calder #5514 was alive when this award was established and it was known at the Jim Calder Award. When he passed away on May 9, 2009, it was changed to the Jim Calder Memorial Award.)

2005-06  Ken James #41991 (AL)
2006-07  Jay Edmondson #41977 (FL)
2007-08  Angie Struttmann. #64531 (WA)
2008-09  Kay Buchanan #58499 (GA)
2009-10  Newton Standridge #29407 (IA)
2010-11  Ron Whitmore #25946 (FL)
2011-12  John Robinson #55768 (PA)
2012-13  Walter Cahoon #27223 (MA)
2013-14  Jay Edmundson #41977 (FL)
2014-15  Sharon Leppla #44742 (MN)
2015-16  Konrad Melkus #13787 (WV)