Since 1950, The Jaycee Creed has united Junior Chamber members from around the world.  Those 65 words, penned by Ohio Jaycee C. William Brownfield, continue to convey the standards for which our organizations aspire.  For some, The Creed serves as a basis for bonding with fellow members, for some it was something that brought a bit of anxiety when they had to first lead it at a local meeting, and for some it was transformational and has guided them throughout their life.  It is that spirit of transformation that I hope to spotlight this year.  That spirit displayed by those, like Bill Brownfield before us, who are Living The Creed!

John Robinson, Ed. D. #55768

46th President, United States JCI Senate

Living The Creed


Living The Creed Spotlight 

Marty Wase# 53142

from North Carolina

showing “That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life” who as a member of Aberdeen First Baptist Church for 30 years as been a youth Sunday School teacher, Captain of the Ushering Team, and served on the Grow Ministry Team that visits the elderly, shut-ins and sick either in their homes or in facilities to minister to them.


Please take a moment to submit a fellow senator who deserves to be acknowledged for Living The Creed. You can do this by sending their name, senate number, state, the line of The Jaycee Creed they are living and how to Terry Kolaz, Presidential Assistant, at